Hongkong Internship Experience



It was the second time we went to Hongkong for internship. I thank CP Sapling for giving me this opportunity.

On my first visit to Hongkong, I visited some service organizations for people with disabilities. I saw that people with disabilities in Hongkong get respect and care from government and society since they’re in pre-school until adult. As a matter of fact, people in Hongkong also concern about special education service in China mainland. To me it was a great encouragement to keep working in this field.

On this visit, my second visit to Hongkong, I learned more about special education service.


About special education field

   In special education field, China mainland is far behind Hongkong. Hongkong has comprehensive social welfare system, efficient policies and regulations, synergistic relation between government and private charity organizations, professional and responsible attitude of people,etc.things that China mainland doesn’t have. Hongkong parents are willing to go to school to learn how to teach their kids at home (China mainland parents rarely want to do it), special education equipments are easy to find in Hongkong (many can’t be found in China mainland), special education concept and method that used in China mainland are relatively backward, etc. However, by seeing how well special education can develop in the future gives us hope and confident about this job field.


About special education work

I consider that special education is like “paving road”. Every person has needs. Needs are driving force of all activities. Needs will drive someone to find the resources which can satisfy his/her needs. The path someone takes to go to the resources are different from one person to another, it depends on genetic and later on interaction with environment.

    Normal children can proactively find their own paths, while children with special needs such as autism can’t. Their brain structure may be not the same as normal children which may impact their sensory integration, sense organs, etc.

    Sensory integration is the stone to pave the road. Autistic children lack of sensory integration caused them to be unable to find/make the path between needs and resources. As a matter of fact, the path between needs and resources can be fully analyzed, we can analyzed every “brick” which build the path, therefore, to fix an autistic child’s “path” we need to understand two things: 1. which “brick” the child already has and which brick he/she hasn’t yet (we can know it by doing analysis and assessment). 2. how the bricks were arranged (we can know it by observing the child in his/her life activities).



About children


Many people think that autistic children don’t need to learn much. We teach them things only to make them not too dependent to us.

However, every born child is a treasure box of God, filled with unlimited possibilities. He/she just needs the key to open the box. The key is education.

Learning process of children with special needs is mostly an unconscious learning, is an instinctive adaptation, they learn through experience.



About parents

Parents are best teachers for their children since the children feel safe and secure with them. Many parents can’t handle their children because the children already know the parent weaknesses , learn to identify the parents’ emotion and use them to get what they (the children) want. Most parents don’t put boundaries between them and their children, therefore, special education teachers should teach the parents how to make boundaries with the children, how to play with them and how to make the children more independent. The teachers in Hongkong said, “If we could not be patient with the parents, how could we suppose them to be patient to their children?”


About special education method

I believe that human needs can only be satisfied by love. Whatever the method used needs love to implement it.

Finally, let me share a sentence form the bible: “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” (Hebrews 12:11)




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