About Us

Who We Are:

     We are parents and friends of children with disabilities.  We have a desire to serve the needs of those children.  Even though these children are like vulnerable saplings who need special care, we believe they can still grow into strong trees. Our hope is to gather together our collective wisdom and strength to help these saplings grow.


What We Believe:

1. We believe in the value and meaning of life. We believe that people are created by God with a special purpose.   We believe that ALL children are children of promise.

2. We believe in the importance of family. We encourage the active participation of the whole family. This brings happiness and support for the children.

3.  We believe in the power of unity. This united wisdom and strength can bring more help for the children.


What We Hope To Do:

1. Gather families who have children with disabilities together regularly to allow networking and mutual support.

2. Unite families to combine resources and advocacy to improve quality and scope of services provided for these families.

3.  Set children free from an isolated life, allowing them to come together to play and interact with each other and society.

4.  Provide volunteers with opportunities to be involved with these children so that we can become one family loving and caring for one another.

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